The Kindness Collective - My First Market!

On Saturday I setup at the Kindness Collective Market at Hillhurst United! I had cupcakes (mint choc, choc, vanilla and oreo), Nanaimo bars, and cookies (ginger and chocolate chip). To my surprise, the cookies did not sell very well. Maybe next to cupcakes, they aren't as appealing. The chocolate chip are a favourite among my friends and family but I guess they're not for everyone! The Nanaimo bars (my fave) almost sold out so thanks to everyone for lovin the naimos. 💕

Overall it was a fun market and I really loved selling my product. To my disappointment, the market didn't draw as many people as expected. Despite this, it was great to meet people and chit chat about food and health. Vendors and market goers were all nice and a real treat to spend the day with.