YYC Free Market and Gratefulness

Wow, I live in a great city! 

Today after work, I pumped out some Madhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies to bring to the 

YYC Free Market at Containr Site in Sunnyside.

The market is a bring your own, make your own items to trade situation. So, a great way to spring clean(HA) and reuse items that are still in good shape. There is something so rewarding about directly sharing things you love but no longer need. There was music, clothes, poetry, a walking stick and way more stuff then I had expected. In my situation, I got to show off, which is something I haven't done in awhile. ;)

Upon arrival, I double checked with the coordinator to make sure I could blatantly promote my blog and I'm so appreciative that I could. I'm also hugely grateful that I was forced to bring cookies to people.

I almost shit my pants when someone yelled "Vegan Cookies from Paper Tiger!"

Had he not, I would have just set them down and ran so thank you. As an introvert, directly sharing was a great push for me to mingle and I met so many nice people!

I came across so many new faces; musicians, moms and dads, those with allergies, those without, shoppers, eaters, poets, and anarchists. These people are so more than the things I learned about them through brief chit chat;

My community is such an interesting place!!!!!

Beginning to move my blog and baking more local scares shy me. Despite having my blogs since 2008, they have always been relatively private. A few friends reading them here and there(posts have been far and few between, I'll admit) is amazing but strangers have always been my main audience. The writings aren't personal but are overall quite authentic and sharing this in a more local/personal setting leaves me feeling vulnerable. 

This vulnerability will decrease and today was a great place to start.

Hi Calgary, I'm Jessica Oliver!

This week I'm working on some  bars, cookies and cupcakes for the Alice Sanctuary Opening Fundraiser on Saturday. Can't wait!