Cake that Dreams are Made of - Oreo Cake

The day that I learned Oreos are vegan was probably one of the better days of my life. This cake is, obviously, similar to the

Oreo cupcakes

but in cake form. How great. Today, I felt like it was a day for cake. No special reason - I just wanted to make a cake.

This recipe took an entire box of Oreos to make. I don't have exact measurements for the recipe, but here's the gist of it. This cake has Oreos around the edges in the bottom. On top of that is vanilla cake with crushed Oreos in it. On top of that is have a recipe of plain chocolate cake, just put over top of the vanilla batter in the pan. The frosting is buttercream frosting with chocolate cookie crumbs in it and the darker frosting is chocolate buttercream with black food dye.

Great Cake