Veganizer | Former Baker | Science Major | Food Roamer 


Upon my first bite of a vegan cupcake, I cried. It was mealy, bland, heavy and just GROSS. I couldn't settle for this hack of a dessert and no one should have to. I immediately decided that something must be done.


The first thing I ask all vegans is, "What do you miss?" and I usually get several ideas right off the bat. Classics - butter tarts, cupcakes, just cookies, various bars. No one has ever said, "a seedy, heavy nut bar please" because there are enough of those around. I straight up veganize a recipe and love the challenge. They are not healthy; they are not anything other then a really classic dessert.


I am a former professional baker specializing in vegan and gluten free recipe development. In 2009 I was hired by a large natural food chain as a baker and to help design a vegan product line for their storefront. Cupcakes and cakes were first to come out; basic chocolate, vanilla, and a third seasonal flavour that changed during the year. A reduced sugar, double chocolate cookie followed, a fruit blondie and then, a classic gingerbread cookie coated in sugar for Christmas. These are still carried in store today.


Following this, I moved into the challenging world of gluten free baked goods. Together, the staff and I revised and developed gluten free, egg free, dairy free, corn free…could go on forever, recipes. These included gluten-free cinnamon buns, iced sugar cookies, frangipane tarts, coconut macaroons, chocolate brownies and, naturally, cupcakes. These products are both showcased at the bakery and sent for retail sales each morning. I do not like making gluten free products.


Moving out of the kitchen to go to school, I began my studies majoring in cellular biology. A whole new world of food!  With a background in science, I get a unique view inside food and the interactions between their contents. What a sweet surprise to realize that preparing to write a recipe is like preparing to do an experiment. I also take interest in food safety, security and sustainability.


I now work for a specialty food distribution centre and spend my free time recipe slinging. Occasionally, I roam around giving vegan foods to vegans and non vegans.