You miss it? I veganize it. 




But why?

Vegan desserts don’t have to "taste vegan" and I make this happen.



And who?

A former baker and my passion has been rekindled!

The first question I ask all vegans is, “What do you miss?” and whatever they mention, which is often a couple items right off the bat, I make. I almost never hear of missed seedy nut bars, heavy cookies or grainy desserts. Many vegans want “ordinary” desserts; cupcakes, bars, butter tarts and other products now long in their past. When my vegan desserts are eaten, my hope is always to hear, “It’s good. I can’t believe it’s vegan!” instead of, “It’s good for something vegan.”



As an avid baker from a young age, upon my first bite of a vegan cupcake in 2007, I cried. It was heavy, mealy, ugly and just BAD. It was an injustice to settle for this hack of a dessert and I immediately declared, “Something must be done!”




In 2009 I was hired by a large natural food chain as a baker and to help design a vegan product line for their storefront. Cupcakes and cakes were first to come out; basic chocolate, vanilla and a third seasonal flavour that changed during the year. A reduced sugar, double chocolate cookie followed, a fruit blondie and then, a classic gingerbread cookie coated in sugar for Christmas. These are still carried in store today.

Following this, I moved into the challenging world of gluten free baked goods. Together, the staff and I revised and developed gluten free, egg free, dairy free, corn free…could go on forever, recipes. These included gluten-free cinnamon buns, iced sugar cookies, frangipane tarts, coconut macaroons, chocolate brownies and, naturally, cupcakes. These products are both showcased at the bakery and sent for retail sales each morning.

After a decided hiatus from the kitchen, I began work for a gourmet food retailer in Calgary. This allowed me to pursue university, majoring in cell biology and to lightly appease my interest in food science. Talking and learning about food is a wonderful privilege for me and something I now get to do every day. I also work on marketing with our food photographer to showcase new products which arrive several times a week.

After honing my baking skills and techniques, gathering information, researching and testing, I'm back to make you foods.